My Triad Aer GO

The Triad Aer GO – Perfect for Small Spaces and Traveling


Road Warriors or Travelers!

Have you ever been on the road for your job and been forced to take a room that was “less than perfect”, especially when you smelled things that you shouldn’t ave to when you first walked in?

Well with the new Triad Aer GO that is a thing of the past. After using it in your car to create clean, sanitized and fresh air, simply take it with you into your room.

Able to create a bubble of protection up to nearly 10 square meters around you, it can have your room smelling fresh and clean in no time.



Foodies and Health Nuts Unite!

Now you can have your cake and eat it too! (safely) The Triad Aer Go is the perfect unit for protecting yourself, your spouse, kids and friends at any restaurant table you sit at. It creates a protective ionized bubble that repels Viruses, Pollens, Mold Spores and other bad actors.

Needless to say, we all know that those Viruses and other particulates in our air do not take a break and just hang out in the same room but over in the corner just because we sit down somewhere and take the mask off.

Get real. Get protected. Get GOing and get your Triad Aer GO!


Protective Air Purification Is Proven To Reduce Absentee Days as Well as Increase Productivity

We have testimonials from our chiropractor clients who use our products in their clinics, that the Triad Aer technologies drastically reduced sick leave and absenteeism with their staff / employees. 

Why in the world would you NOT want to protect your staff with this simple to use unit – creating a protective environment, reducing and destroying viruses in the air that you breath, it also cleanses hard and soft surfaces. Easy to use, easy to justify to the bean counters!


Don’t Just Trust The Gym To Protect “Your Space”

While most people do wipe down surfaces, that does nothing for the air you are breathing into your lungs. And most of that air, is shared air – not fresh, clean and sanitized!

That’s where Triad Aer GO steps into your life to protect your respiratory system – destroying and eliminating the bad actors such as viruses, pollens, dust and possibly even spores (mold) that are floating around from the moist areas such as restrooms and shower stalls. 

NOTE: We offer special pricing to the Medical Community (Chiropractors and Alternative Medicine).
Please contact us for more info!
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Triad Aer GO – $149.95 MSRP

✔️  The Triad Aer GO is designed for small space air purification.
✔️  Use as a backup battery charger for your phone!
✔️  Remove Pollens and Road Dust (super fine rubber particulates from tires that get into your cabin) from the air you are breathing.
✔️  Removes the particulates and gases that your cabin filter cannot.
✔️  Offers a short 15 Minute “super cleansing” boost.
✔️  Great for cars, RVs, hotel rooms, your office, guest rooms, boats, campers, kitchens, salons or spas.
✔️  Use to get rid of that musty smell, nasty pet odors, litter box odors, cigarette or cigar odors.
✔️  Get rid of just about any smell you come across!
The Triad Aer GO air purifier is a compact air purification solution for your vehicle that conveniently fits in a cupholder. It uses Cluster Ion Technology to reduce particulate and odors.
As mentioned, the Triad Aer GO utilizes an effective Cluster Ion Technology, which a technology that uses positive and negative ions to create hydroxyls – these rob airborne particles of the hydrogen necessary for them to survive, making the air fresh!
Cluster Ion Technology   |   Removes Smoke & Odors   |   Reduces odors from bacteria & smoke   |   Convenient cupholder design   |   Reduces Bacteria & Viruses

Why Use Triad Aer GO?

The Superior Choice in small-scale air purification.
The Triad Aer GO small space purifier is unsurpassed in quality, efficiency and effectiveness.

The incredibly efficient Triad Aer GO uses minimal energy to make a powerful impact.
The GO works easily to reduce odors, mold, bacteria, viruses and allergens.

Travel with the conveniently portable Triad Aer GO.
Quickly refresh musty or contaminated hotel rooms, removing impurities and unpleasant smells, and creating a healthier, more pleasant environment in your living space.

High/Low Switch for constant purification or press the large circle for 30 minute quick purification.
The Triad Aer GO offers a 15 minute cleansing boost. The GO is sure to fit your needs!

The Triad Aer GO should not be run 24/7 like its larger counterpart the Triad Aer V3. For 24/7 coverage, you should purchase the larger machine.