Change Your Air Change Your Life For Good

Airborne inflammation is the beginning of all human disease.
If you breathe it into your airways and lungs, you have just started the inflammation process.
Watch this video to see how My Triad Aer protects you and your loved ones or staff…

One of the best ways to combat the incursion and growth of inflammation in your body is to breath clean, fresh air. Triad Aer creates just that for you.

Protect yourself, your loved ones, staff, patients from airborne inflammation by installing this technology into your indoor air environment.

Want to try out the technology in a single room first?

(covers up to 250 sq ft)

MINI AER – $149.95 MSRP

MiniAer is designed for small space air purification.

Great for cars, rv’s, hotel rooms, boats, campers, kitchens, salons or spas.

Use to get rid of nasty pet odors, litter box odors, cigarette or cigar odors.

Get rid of just about any smell you come across!

Covers rooms and small spaces – up to 250 square feet!

We offer special pricing to the
Medical Community (Chiropractors and Alternative Medicine).
Please contact us for more info! 
Call Mike at 866-761-0888

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Why Use Mini Aer?

Why Use MiniAer?

The Superior Choice in small-scale air purification.
The MiniAer Small Space Plug-In purifier is unsurpassed in quality, efficiency and effectiveness.

The incredibly efficient MiniAer uses minimal energy to make a powerful impact.
MiniAer works easily to reduce odors, mold, bacteria, viruses and allergens.

Travel with the conveniently portable MiniAer.
Quickly refresh musty or contaminated hotel rooms, removing impurities and unpleasant smells, and creating a healthier, more pleasant envirnment in your living space.

High/Low Switch for constant purification or press the large circle for 30 minute quick purification.
Use with a timer or on a constant setting MiniAer is sure to fit your needs!