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Your Indoor Air Could be Unsafe For You And Making You Sick!

Even though you can’t see it, the air you breathe CAN affect your health. Polluted air can cause difficulty breathing, flare-ups of allergy or asthma, and other lung problems.

Long-term exposure to indoor air pollution can raise the risk of other diseases, including heart disease and cancer. It’s no joke or something to take lightly!

Air pollution has been proposed as “an exposure” (or risk), that may increase the possibility of developing asthma and other serious respiratory issues, such as COPD, which can then lead to hospitalization.

IMPORTANT:  If you don’t have problems currently, they could be developing, due to constant exposure to indoor air pollution.

Are YOU suffering from Indoor Air Pollution?

Here are just a few of the critical health dangers that can come from not
breathing clean, fresh air in your home or office spaces…


• Breathing Issues
• Congestion


• Fatigue
• Irritability


• Sneezing
• Coughing

my-triad-aer-sick woman with cough

• Sore Throat
• Stomach Ache


• Itchy Skin
• Pet Dander


• Watery Eyes
• Allergies


You CAN protect your home and loved ones from viruses and bacteria WITHOUT harmful barrier sprays on surfaces. Keep your home free from mold, allergens, pet smells, musty smells & much more. Triad Aer makes your unit cleaner than a Hospital Patient Room (see video below)!

Introducing the MyTriad Aer Air Purification Technology – It Destroys Smells & Viruses!

The Triad Aer technology made its first debut with the crowd at NASA who had to come up with a way to literally create clean, fresh air for astronauts who were going to spend a long time in space and needed a way to protect the LIMITED air supply for both plants and humans.


Disinfect Countertops and ALL Other Surfaces

The purification technologies actively clean BOTH your air and ALL hard/soft surfaces for a complete cleanse – and it works 24/7, allowing you to clean up the “stink” and danger of viruses or bacteria left behind by cooking, WITHOUT the use of harmful chemicals!

Keeps Your Home Smelling Clean/Fresh 24/7

Cooking smells, pets & “people” odors, as well as outdoors grilling can create a smell in the unit that is hard to mask, not to mention DESTROY! The TRIAD AER V3 machine can help you to actually destroy/ERADICATE them – not just cover them up, creating a lasting freshness that will remind visitors of the outdoors. 

Simple to Use

Just set the unit up as high as you can for best air management,  plug it in, turn it on, set it for square footage (one Triad Aer can cover up to 3,000 square feet/2 stories!) and let it run. It really is this simple to use.

Every house has a smell. It’s usually a combination of the people who live there, their perfume, aftershave, the food they cook, their pets, molds or mustiness from moist areas and other things.

So how does My Triad Aer technology work?

Using an oxidation/ionization process, any contaminants (Pollen, Dander, VOC’s/Gasses) in the air or carpets or other surfaces, are broken down in a process called molecular disassociation. In simple terms, the bonds which hold the toxic molecules together are broken (disassociated) which causes a new and different molecule to be formed.

That molecule is then in turn also broken down and this cycle, or process, continues until all that is left is carbon dioxide and water vapor! (Also kills molds and mold spores on contact!


If Triad Aer can clean a “dirty/contaminated” Dental Clinic it can certainly clean YOUR HOME!

Need more convincing? Check out this globally recognized, science-based ATP Test!
Watch how our technology cleans this Dental Clinic to BELOW the FDA’s required clean-level for Hospital Patient Rooms!

Triad Aer V3

The BEST Residential and Commercial solution for destroying viruses and other harmful substances.




Triad Aer Air Purification Technology:

Drastically improves the air you breathe with the Triad Aer’s newest flagship product Triad Aer V3

The Triad Aer provides the best in air purification utilizing 4 advanced technologies:

  • Needlepoint Ionization*
  • Scalable Purification*
  • Advanced Photo Catalytic Oxidation*
  • Electrostatic Filtration*
    (see explanations below)


  • Residential / Business / Industrial / Boat / RV

Recommended for:

  • Allergies / Asthma / Bronchitis / Sinusitis / Respiratory Ailments

Helps remove:

  • Mold / Mildew / Dust / Dander / Odors (pet, cooking, cigarette..)
  • Micro particles /  VOC Gases



We get it – this may be so new to you – a machine that can actually and literally change the “atmosphere” of the home/unit you live in WITHOUT expensive HEPA Filters!.

But we can guarantee you, it REALLY WORKS and you will be astounded at how musty smells, pet smells and other obnoxious odors disappear completely – allowing you and your family to breathe clean, fresh air 24/7.


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