Photocatalytic Oxidation


The green-blue UV light seen at the top of the unit to the left is where the magic happens. That lights hits a catalyst (see diagram) and the photocatalytic oxidation process begins. A fan pushes the cleansing plasma out into the room(s).

Photocatalytic oxidation is found in nature, and could be considered to be a super cool cleaning machine for the air we breath. My Triad Aer brings that same air cleansing technology into your home.

It works using two elements: a special light, that mimics sunlight, and a special material called a catalyst. You can imagine this light is like the sun’s magic rays, and the catalyst is like a helpful wizard who directs where the sun’s rays will be deployed – in your home’s indoor space.

When this artificial “sunlight” from the My Triad Aer V3 unit reflects off the catalyst, it supercharges O2 and H2O and breaks them down into hydroxyls. Hydroxyls are molecules made up of one oxygen atom and one hydrogen atom (OH). Different than ozone O3 but they are also super reactive. They’re eager to interact with other molecules in the air. As these hydroxyls move throughout your indoor air space they encounter things like bad smells, bacteria, or pollutants. They start a chemical reaction that breaks down yucky particles into simpler, harmless substances. JUST LIKE NATURE!

Here’s how it benefits you:
When there are stinky smells in your home, like from cooking, pets, or even smoke, the photocatalytic oxidation (sun-like plasma) swoops in like a superhero and breaks down those nasty odors. This is done through a chemical “exchange” (changing the molecules) so you can say goodbye to smelly rooms!

And just like on TV, “But wait, there’s more!”
This air wizard can also defeat and destroy harmful, invisible bad guys like germs, bacteria, and viruses. It traps them and changes them into harmless things by destroying their outer membranes, just like popping a ballon, making your home a healthier and safer place.

Remember when we mentioned allergens? Well, photocatalytic oxidation can also capture those pesky particles and make them disappear, keeping them away from your airways and breathing space – so you don’t sneeze and cough as much.

Just like outdoors, Photocatalytic Oxidation is an air cleaner that works non-stop to keep your indoor air fresh and pure. And the best part is that it doesn’t use any chemicals or produce harmful byproducts, so it’s safe for you and the environment!

Thanks to photocatalytic oxidation, you can enjoy cleaner indoor air, say goodbye to bad smells, remove all that dust and other bad elements floating around in your air, and have fewer germs floating around your home.