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Triad Aer – Air and Surface Purification Technology Keeps Fur Babies Healthy and Protected From Typical Dog Care Facility Dangers…

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Your furry friends and their parents, deserve the cleanest, safest and most fresh-smelling environment possible!

My Triad Aer Goes Far Beyond “Air Filtration” – It Can Deactivate Viruses & Bacteria, Mold Spores & More, Creating Clean, Fresh Air While Protecting From Kennel Cough and Other Dangers


There is NO WAY Your Staff Can Clean Every Surface In The Facility!
But Triad Aer Technology Can!  24 / 7 / 365 – It’s What We Do

Triad Aer technology can offer true air purification (NOT just filtration!), for up to 3,000 square feet using just one single Triad V3 machine.
If you happen to offer transportation – Pickup & Drop-off – as part of your companies services to pet parents, we offer vehicle sanitation as well!
Triad Aer technology can even cleanse and sanitize your indoor environment like nature does-with a sun-like plasma – even toys, blankets, and beds!

Keeping your facility Clean is NOT an option!


Over the last two years most of us became painfully aware of how nearly 98% of viral infection was transmitted from contagious, polluted indoor air and surfaces. We also learned just how critical sanitized indoor environments were for optimal health.

The same is true for our beloved pets. And if sanitization efforts in your facility fail (even slightly), that can have a bit of a domino effect… namely increased infections of Kennel Cough, Canine Flu, and more.

Currently, a lot of companies use simple, standardized kennel cleaning procedures (and products) but these take an immense amount of time and cost to deploy. And even with the highest level of diligence, many surfaces are missed (what we call “shadow zone” areas), ignored, or simply too hard to reach. 

And then there is the false sense of security HEPA Filters, or other air filters give when used to cleanse the air. Yes, they work, but only for larger particles of hair, dander, and other unwanted particles floating in your air. (HEPA filters capture ONLY around 10% of any airborne viruses)

As well, all those expensive HEPA filters, and logging hundreds of staff hours required to manually clean surfaces will inevitably affect your bottom line, decreasing actual profits. And most of those surfaces are HARD surfaces – but what about SOFT surfaces, walls, ceilings, floors, drapes, furniture, soft and hard toys, etc.?

If any of that sounds familiar… let’s get together and talk about it!

My Triad Aer as the best solution for your facility:

I have been able to help other companies dealing with those same hurdles by offering a lasting solution – one that does NOT require expensive filters or copious amounts of cleaning agents.

My Triad Aer is quite simply the worlds best Air Purification technology!

Deploying Triad Aer technology in your facilities will keep the indoor air (even with frequent air exchange – such as open windows, etc.) virus-free, surpassing and removing viruses that cause kennel cough, canine flu, and other viral infections.

Your pet parents are not only going to enjoy the new level of safety and cleanliness of your facility (which you can advertise with for even more leads/customers!), but the smell of clean, fresh air – it removes the smell of dogs and other kennel odors, without using health-detrimental “air-fresheners”. 

An an added bonus the pets will experience a softer fur! I witnessed this with my two rescue babies, the very next day after installing Triad Aer in my own home.

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