Children and Mold

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Regarding the Mold Test done by. Dr. Rosen, PH.D.:
In May of 2020) Dr. Gary Rosen, Ph.D. a bio chemist and mold specialist, tested our Triad Aer V3 against mold. The before and after pictures of the petri dish can be seen to the right. As Dr Rosen explained according to the CDC and EPA if you can kill mold, which is difficult, that same process will kill the coronavirus.*

The test was conducted for only 2 hours and result was impressive. Below is information on Dr. Rosen who, aside from his profession as licensed mold mitigator in Florida, is also a prolific author on mold and specializes in green remediation, as well as teaching and training mold mitigation to professionals in the field, across the USA.

Gary Rosen, Ph.D. LEED AP
Florida Licensed Mold Exam Developer/ Provider
Florida Licensed Mold Contractor
Florida Licensed Building Contractor


Children and Mold – a Bad Mix

Mold awareness has increased by quite a bit in recent years due to more data coming in on the types and health dangers that mold presents to humans in their homes and offices.

While people who suffer respiratory issues are sometimes thought to be suffering from asthma or a cold, or other similar illnesses, it can very well be that they are suffering from mold symptoms but do not don’t realize it, instead, they may be assuming that they have hay fever or a cold.

It can be difficult sometimes in determining whether a symptom is mold-related or not. However, if you DO have mold on your home or office, and people are feeling sick for no logical or apparent reasons, then mold is more than likely the cause.

Mold is nothing new to mankind and has been around for a very long time. The big difference is that our indoor living has turned it into a much more insidious problem, although a very common problem today.

Those microscopic mold spores that we sometimes can see, especially if they build colonies on our walls, exist both indoors and outdoors and are easily spread by the air current.

These spores thrive in dark and moist places and usually grow in places that are hidden from sight, experience low air movement, and create damaging effects on structural material and household items alike.

Usually, when the mold growth is already visible, it means that structural damage has already occurred and the living conditions in the building are deteriorating rapidly to a level that is no longer safe and healthy.

Unless adequate measures such as removal are undertaken quickly and without delay, the colonies of mold growth can quickly spread throughout your entire property – posing a significant health risk to family and pets at home, your coworkers, employees, and clients at the office.

If things get this far along, it is best to contact professionals to completely remove the mold from your surroundings before the harmful microorganisms affect your health or irreversibly damaged your property.

Respiratory Problems that May Arise

Medical professionals from around the world have clearly found that there is a close relationship between living in a mold-affected environment and the extent of adverse respiratory symptoms that can arise amongst children.

When a young child inhales mold spores, he or she may start experiencing various respiratory problems, many of which are similar to the symptoms of seasonal allergies:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Wheezing
  • Runny nose
  • Itchy nose
  • Nasal congestion
  • Sore throat
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Various other flu-like symptoms.

Even worse, if the child has, or is prone to asthma, then inhaling mold spores will more than likely trigger even more frequent or violent attacks and exacerbate the chronic lung disease already present.

If left untreated, mold will continue to ruin your property – drywall, flooring, and more – but can also infect furnishings and even clothes!

But more importantly, allergies and infections, as well as an overall deterioration of the living or working conditions in your space(s), will make your life miserable and even dangerous.

If these conditions are already apparent or beginning to show, the best thing you can do is to contact a Restoration and Recovery company. As soon as you notice mold growth in your home or office you will want to get someone over to inspect the premises and provide you with a professional plan.