Electrostatic Filter


My Triad Aer Electrostatic Filter

The 3-part carbonized electrostatic air filter in a My Triad Aer V3 machine can capture tiny particles in your home’s air which are not yet removed through ionization. This accounts for shed skin cells, dust, pollen, pet dander, and more which have not yet fallen to the ground. The filters also help with the removal of oil droplets from cooking. All filters on indoor machines are there to protect the machine from airborne particles fouling up the internal parts of the machine.

While not to be compared with, or confused with HEPA Filters, which have to be thrown away and replaced quite often (usually monthly), the electrostatic filter can be simply washed off.

Because most of the dust, pollens, and other particulates including mold spores etc. are either destroyed or dropped to the floor through our ionization process, there is usually very little debris that gets caught up in the “filter”.

A good rule of thumb is to clean the filter within 30 days (if you have just purchased a new Triad Aer unit) and then at least every 90 days after that.

If you have electrostatic or washable filters like ours, they can be easily washed, thoroughly dried, and then re-installed. Our washable filters are more eco-friendly and, if cleaned and reused appropriately, can last many years.

To see how you can remove, clean and re-install your Electrostatic Filter on a Triad V3 unit, watch the maintenance video on this page.