So, Here’s The Thing About (HEPA) Filters…

The PROs

At least you are doing SOMETHING to improve the quality of the air you are breathing



The CONs

  • Expensive filters must be replaced
  • No Hepa Filter machine is strong enough to draw all particles in through the filter from other rooms
  • Must be carried from room to room
  • Cannot clean the surfaces of your home or office
  • Only remove the largest ‘small’ particles

In the slideshow below, we’ll show you the major differences between HEPA filters (Passive Air Purifiers) and Triad Aer, which is an ACTIVE Air Purifier. As you will see, size DOES matter!

Also, passive air filters must somehow magically draw all foreign elements, from all corners of your home, INTO their machine for filtering, while an ACTIVE Air Purifier like Triad Aer actually SENDS a cleaning plasma out into your indoor environment, destroying the bad guys where they are. 

webinar triad air march 2018.010
webinar triad air march 2018.012
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