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MAtt Tells You About his experience with the recent california fires and triad aer

Even though Matt’s house was only a few miles from the fire last year in California, he found a way to keep the air inside his house fresh, clean and free of all of those dangerous particulates floating around.

After installing the My Triad Aer machine (simply by plugging it in!), his indoor air quality, the smell, the particles the gases, had all disappeared within 48 hours. And the fires were still raging just miles away.



MAtt moves to a bigger house and installs another triad aer

Even though the Triad Aer can cover up to 3,000 square feet of indoor air space as it cleans and sanitizes the air, it is a good idea to have more than one if your indoor square footage exceeds that.

Solution – Matt purchased yet another machine to keep himself and his loved ones safe and breathing clean, fresh air in their new digs.

Thanks Matt!


Dr. Melissa carlson, d.c., explains how triad aer came to the rescue, removing toxic creosote from her indoor air

Dr. Melissa purchased her machines last year. She explains how the MiniAer helps her clean up the air from previous patients, making the air fresh for her next patient. She also explains how she now lets her patients know about her clean air in the clinic and how they can get the same pure, clean air in their homes by purchasing through her.

Thanks Dr. Melissa!


Listen as Dr. Troy Dreiling, DC from Vancouver, Washington introduces Mike Meade from My Triad Aer, and asks him to explain the technology that is Triad Aer.

Dr. Troy discovered the cleansing power of Triad Aer years ago in one of its earlier forms (see in the video as a dark brown ozonator). the product has advanced considerably over the years to become what it is today – one of the most powerful in-home, whole-house air purification machines around.

HEPA Filter technology cannot hold a candle to what the Triad Aer V3 can do for your indoor breathing air – cleansing it of dangerous and disease/inflammation causing particles.