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The Triad Aer MINI – Perfect for Small Spaces and Traveling

The Triad Aer MINI is a plug-in air purification system that combats viruses, bacteria, mold spores, eliminating bad odors and improving your health by creating fresh, clean air in your indoor air spaces 24/7, all year long.

How Do I Best Use the My Triad Aer MINI?

Just plug the My Triad Aer MINI into a wall outlet, and make sure that the small blue LED light is on – you’re ready to enjoy fresher air.

The MINI can be used in your bedroom, the bathroom, small roomos with odors, small living rooms and even hallway areas to help remove harmful particles and odors. The Triad Aer MINI is compatible with all standard outlets. It does not produce any overly audible noise.

The Triad Aer MINI is 100% eco-friendly, offering very low energy consumption, uses no chemicals or aerosols, which can often be extremely bothersome to people with respiratory issues. You will also notice the absence of sniffing or congestion when using the Triad Aer MINI.

Does Ion Pure Produce Any Ozone?

It only produces a small/minimal amount of ozone in sanitization mode – a short, 30 minute cleansing boost to quickly eliminate odors and bacteria or mold spores.

The My Triad Aer MINI is made with best-in-class technology which eliminates the production of mold as well as destroying viruses and bacteria on surfaces. The negative ions you need to purify your air are created any time you need them. 


MINI AER – $149.95 MSRP

The My Triad Aer Mini Aer is designed for small space air purification.

Great for cars, rv’s, hotel rooms, boats, campers, kitchens, salons or spas.

Use to get rid of nasty pet odors, litter box odors, cigarette or cigar odors.

Get rid of just about any smell you come across!

Covers rooms and small spaces – up to 250 square feet!

Pure Aer on the Go

Why Use MINI Aer?

The Superior Choice in small-scale air purification.
The MiniAer Small Space Plug-In purifier is unsurpassed in quality, efficiency and effectiveness.

The incredibly efficient MiniAer uses minimal energy to make a powerful impact.
MINIAer works easily to reduce odors, mold, bacteria, viruses and allergens.

Travel with the conveniently portable MiniAer.
Quickly refresh musty or contaminated hotel rooms, removing impurities and unpleasant smells, and creating a healthier, more pleasant environment in your living space.

High/Low Switch for constant purification or press the large circle for 30 minute quick purification.
Use with a timer or on a constant setting MiniAer is sure to fit your needs!

The Triad Aer MINI should not be run 24/7 like its larger counterpart the Triad Aer V3. For 24/7 coverage, you should purchase the larger machine.



  • Dimensions: 4.25″ H (108mm) x 3.50″ W (89mm) x 2.50″ D (64mm)
  • Weight: 6.35 oz (180g)
  • Scalable Purification Power
  • Power: 100V-240V; 50-60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 3.0 W (at 120 VAC)


  • UPC: 855819003472
  • Dimensions: 7.75″ H (197mm) x 4.7″ W (119mm) x 3.25″ D (83mm)
  • Weight: 12 oz (0.34kg)



1) Use this button to hit the room with a cleansing “boost” that shuts off after 30 minutes.


2) If you are constantly fighting odors, use this button (boy’s room – locker smell).


3) For typical room to suppress “light” odors or smells.

The Triad Aer MINI should not be run 24/7 like its larger counterpart the Triad Aer V3. For 24/7 coverage, you should purchase the larger machine.