Scalable Purification

In the section about ozone we covered the benefits of low levels of ozone on cleaning and protecting your indoor environment. Remember low levels of ozone are effective because they are also assisted by the hydroxyls from the PCO cell and negative ions from the needlepoint ionization.

All brought together and orchestrated by the ion antenna. Scalability refers to the purification setting on the faceplate of the V3.

Scalability means you can also completely “turn off the ozone” if you so choose.

Just run the purifier setting on PCO and you will NOT create any ozone! When you adjust the purification buttons past PCO you will see the words HIGH MODE just below the numbers. That means you are now using low levels of ozone. For easy complete instructions on using the purifier settings watch the setup video >>. 

Thanks to our well-regulated, low-level ozone production capabilities, you can enjoy fresher air and say goodbye to yucky smells and pesky particles, making your indoor space a happier and healthier place to be!


I had 5 hepa filters – and it still smelled bad!

Wow my air quality is crazy! I feel like I got Lasik again or a new windshield. It’s so clear. I have so much dust in the air in my office normally that sometimes I shut the shades because it looks dirty- no particles in the air! They’ve been renovating the floor above me and I had 5 hepa filters – and it still always smelled like glue and paint.

No smells anymore! Awesome! It’s honestly weird.
Dr. Jennifer D.

My Triad Aer offers TRUE scalable indoor air sanitation and purification in the Triad Aer v3.

You can dial in the level of purification you desire using the remote control – from PCO (NO Ozone involved) to 250 or higher if desired. 


Triad V3 is a proactive purifier meaning it pushes the cleaning molecules and ions out at a speed of 1500 ft/sec. That is faster than cooking smells travel thru your home.