Introducing the MyTriad Aer Air Purification Technology – It Destroys The Stink!

The My Triad Aer technology made its first debut with the crowd at NASA who had to come up with a way to create clean, fresh air for astronauts scheduled to fly to Mars.

Helps Disinfect Countertops and Other Surfaces

The purification technologies actively clean both your air and all surfaces for a complete clean – and it works 24/7, allowing you to clean up the “stink” before the open house is scheduled to start!

Keeps Homes Smelling Clean and Fresh

Cooking smells, pets & carpets, as well as smoking can create a smell in the home that is hard to mask, not to mention REMOVE! The My TRIAD AER V3 unit can help you to actually remove them – not just cover them up, creating a lasting freshness that will remind visitors of the outdoors. 

Simple to Use

Just set the unit up as high as you can – preferably on top of a high kitchen cabinet if available – then simply plug it in, turn it on, set it for the proper square footage (one unit can cover up to 3,000 square feet!) and turn the fan to your desired speed.
It really is this simple to use, and you can always call us for help if you need it

Every house has a smell. It’s usually a combination of the people who live there, their perfume, aftershave, the food they cook, their pets, molds or mustiness from moist areas and other things.

So how does My Triad Aer technology work?

Using an oxidation process, any contaminants (Pollen, Dander, VOC’s/Gasses) in the air or carpets or other surfaces, are broken down in a process called molecular disassociation. In simple terms, the bonds which hold the toxic molecules together are broken (disassociated) which causes a new and different molecule to be formed.

That molecule is then in turn also broken down and this cycle, or process, continues until all that is left is carbon dioxide and water vapor.


We give you three choices to make money with My Triad Aer:


Invest in one machine to use in your open houses – cleaning up the smell of the house PERMANENTLY, literally overnight (unless it’s REALLY bad). Saves tons of money on baking cookies, lighting candles or spraying chemicals to mask the smell.

After experiencing the ionized feel and smell of clean, fresh air, you are probably going to buy one for your OWN home!

If that’s the case, we will still offer you the same great deal with our special code.

When the clients purchase their home from you, you have a choice to make – you can divulge the My Triad Aer Air Purifier as the reason it smells fresh and clean, and then walk away… OR – you can offer to sell them one, so they can KEEP it fresh and clean! (and earn while referring! Just ask us how it works.)

My Triad Aer for Realtors

Currently offering Realtors a Special Price Package for a limited time only.

Purchase My Triad Aer with a substantial savings (we’re talking hundreds of dollars) by using a special code for industry professionals ONLY!

Use our special Realtor Revenue Share form to apply today for special pricing by clicking on this link:

OR — You can purchase the machine NOW, if you are in a hurry to get the smell out of the house before your next open house. We will then send you a check reflecting the savings, once we have your agency data to confirm your status as a realtor. Yes, the savings are THAT high that we require your agent license info in order to confirm your eligibility for our special program!


My TRIAD AER V3 Air Purifier
$1,095 – MSRP
(Pay less – ask for our Special Realtor Code)


We get it – this may be so new to you… a machine that can actually and literally change the “atmosphere” of the home you are trying to sell for your clients.

But we can guarantee you, it REALLY WORKS and you will be astounded at how musty smells, pet smells and other obnoxious odors disappear allowing you to keep your open house guests focused on the house itself and NOT the smells!

Couple with sold home smells better with My Triad Aer

For more information on how you can clean up their home AND sell them the machine that did it so they can always breathe clean, fresh air, just email us and ask!