Patient Communication Assets For Chiropractors

(LONG form – crafted by a chiropractor)

This email was constructed by a Doc who recently experienced a high number of cancellations due to the COVID-19 concerns that his patients had – which had a very huge impact on his revenue for the month!

He immediately went on the offensive and created a LONG form email to his patients, letting them know that not only was he protecting himself and his staff as well as patients at his clinic, by using our technology (which kills viruses), but that he was also in the position to offer the machines to his patients at a reduced price.

Feel free to NOT COPY the email he wrote, but to use it at as a starting point for creating your own patient-response email if faced with cancellations as COVID-19 comes to a town near you!

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download the long email-send to patients

(SHORT form – crafted by legal counsel)

Things are getting a little crazy with the Coronavirus popping up in more places. But if you have a Triad Aer machine in your clinic, you and your staff – and patients – have a leg up.

You may still want to assure your patients that your office/clinic is safe for a visit. You can let them know that your clinic is protected with the Triad Aer technology which destroys viruses and bacteria through a process called LYSIS.

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Download the short email-send to patients

(8.5″ x 11″ in PDF Format for printing out)

This sign lets patients and visitors know that your office is protected by Triad Aer technology which is known (and tested) to destroy both bacteria and viruses through a process called LYSIS.

Let them know that the technology also cleanses and sanitizes not only the air but al surfaces, up to 3,000 sq. ft.  They can also use the QR Code and/or link to access the video on our site which explains the process fully, as well as the level of protection afforded.

We also cover important topics such as why HEPA Filters simply cannot protect you as well (if at all), due to the microscopic size of the the virus and other dangerous particle that float around in your indoor air.

DOWNLOAD as a 11″ x 17″ PDF using the button

DOWNLOAD as an 8.5″ x 11″ PDF using the button


These five images can be used for social media campaigns. They are meant to alert your patients and Facebook page visitors to the fact that you are a Triad Aer Technology-safe clinic.

If you require help with customizing them with your logo and/or Clinic name and contact info please let us know. There will be a minimum charge of $35 for customization and embedding of your brand/logo (on all 5 pieces).

Click this link to DOWNLOAD as a ZIP (compressed) file.

These five images have been created for your Facebook Page and/or Instagram, etc.

The white bars on the bottom are meant for branding or for personalization.