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Despite overzealous lockdowns in the past, there was STILL a danger that we needed to be wary of and protect ourselves from.

My Triad Aer “GO” brings not only protection, but peace of mind to the congregation and the leadership who is responsible for their health and safety while attending.

The “GO” pushes away bad actors like viruses and bacteria, sanitizing meeting room indoor air AND walls, ceilings, and furniture – both hard and soft surfaces. It even cleanses items like books, computer surfaces, and more, creating a literal BLANKET of protection!


My Triad Aer Provides Safe, Clean and Fresh Indoor Air for Congregants / Parishioners


The MY TRIAD AER V3 unit can cover up to 3,000 square feet of indoor air space. The cost is $1,295.00 per unit.
We offer EXTREME DISCOUNTS for churches & schools.

My Triad Aer Cleanses the indoor air, literally destroying any viruses, VCO gasses and impurities – as well as sanitizing ALL hard and soft surfaces!

You can keep your parishioners safe and protected from any current viruses floating around at the time (FLU, H1N1, Covid, and others), as well as ALL surfaces in your sanctuary and classrooms or counseling room.

We use four advanced proactive technologies that work together to provide the highest quality indoor air protection without relying on or replacing filters.

Stop recycling the same stale indoor air. Make it fresh and clean. You will see and smell the difference.

Our four technologies: click on each to find out more.
– Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation
– Negative Ionization (Needlepoint)
– Ion Antenna
– Ozone

Why would a church need clean, fresh virus-free air (Flu, etc.)?

For the first time ever 2020 saw the closing of churches and places of worship. The cause, many may tell you, was some misguided legislation and overzealous lawmakers/medical professionals.

However the threat/virus WAS real. But what was missed entirely at the time, was that church leadership COULD do something to protect the church-goers, parishioners, and worshipers.

Dr. Rodney Howard, a pastor living in Florida at the time of the breakout, and who was arrested for NOT closing down the church. As one of the first pastors in the nation to use our technology, he was able to show scientifically that he could make the church a safe place.

The technology he had delployed in the church scrubbed BOTH the AIR and all SURFACES of bacteria, and viruses – up to and over 90% (we are too modest to claim the 99% that our FDA laboratory tests have shown).

In fact the arresting officer, saw the data and had to agree with the findings. Nonetheless, the world was not yet ready to accept the simple and clear findings of the FDA laboratories own results – our technology works!
(for the data and more information please request it from

One of our church “clients” (they purchased 14 machines to cover the entire church indoor air space), was successful in August 2020, in showing and clarifying the cleansing/protective capabilities of our technology to Gov. Insley, Washington. 

They were also able, based on our data and clear, solid scientific results in the FDA laboratory testing, to forego the use of masks in the classroom and adjoining counseling rooms that pastors and co-pastors used for meetings and personal counseling.

Below are portions of the letter that was successfully submitted to Gov. Insley of Washington State.


Fundraiser / Affiliate Program for Churches and Religious Schools

Sticking with one of our favorite organizations, the Emmanual Baptist church was also able to deploy our “Affiliate” program for the congregation, creating both considerable savings for the congregants as well as a passive income stream for the church itself.

As they were/are very active in services and missions both locally and abroad, this offered them to increase those funds tremendously while also helping many families whose children suffered from asthma and other airborne illnesses at home.

Their adjoining academy was also able to see new funds come in for upgrading their services to the children who attended. In all, a Win-Win-Win! 

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If you are interested in deploying this great technology in your church or school, do not hesitate to contact us!

We can provide you with a highly customized quote (we realize every church family is different) and more information on the efficacy of our technology.

Get this information in front of the church board/leaders soon, before this next flu season hits!


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