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Congratulations and welcome to the world of clean, fresh air!
What happens next? Please take time for these important steps!

To ensure our important emails get to you:

You will need to whitelist us (adding us as a friendly, new “contact”).

Whitelisting an email address is pretty easy on the your end, but it takes a few steps to get it right. You have a few options for whitelisting domains and specific addresses.

Depending on which email platform you use, you may want to use Google or Bing to find out how to set up a “safe filter” in order to receive our emails.

Clicking on email spam folder

As soon as your product is shipped we will be sending you a tracking number.

Again, it is important that you are receiving our emails so that we can send you your tracking number. 

The tracking number is sent out when the order has been processed and the package is ready for shipping via UPS or other.

If you do not hear from us, please feel free to contact our support at:


Order Processing Time: Usually within 1-2 days (business work days).
We are a small company and like to hustle for our customers.

Shipping Time: Just as soon as the order has been processed and the shipping department has packed your order. Please be aware that the Wuhan Flu and recent storms have impacted normal shipping.

Transit Time: Usually 4-5 business days.
Depending on where you live, we may chooses to ship out of Florida, or Nevada.
Again, due to storms and covid we have seen some occasional delays.

TRACKING Number: It is important to save the Tracking Code email for future reference. It may end up in your spam or the trash folder. 
We are happy to help find it again, but please, do try to find it first.



PLEASE MAKE NOTE of your purchase / SAVE THE RECEIPT/Invoice!!! 
Depending on how you purchased your My Triad Aer product (with PayPal or Credit Card), your bank statement will show a purchase from our eCommerce platform IMCS360 and will state either PAYPAL, or STRIPE as the transaction partner. Your credit card purchases will have run through one of those two, depending on the choice you made at time of purchase.



IMCS360 – this is the platform we use for our ecommerce cart on the back end, and is a parent company BEHIND the My Triad Aer LLC  business. We also use it for some of our communications.

STRIPE* and PAYPAL* – these are the eCommerce companies that take and manage all credit card processes (Visa and Mastercard), as well as the new PayPal Easy Payment, 6-month purchase “same as credit” offering on our website. 

PLEASE make note of your purchase (date and amount) so that you will be able to recognize the purchase in your bank statements. Thank you.

*ThriveCart, Stripe and PayPal are brand names belonging to those companies respectively. They are used only in this context to let you know that we use their services and technology to process all of our credit card purchases. Any disputes you may have with those companies, which does not involve the direct purchase of products from “My Triad Aer”, “Triad Aer” (our parent company) using their services and technology, must be taken up with them directly.


Below are a few helpful links to videos on setup and cleaning of the My Triad Aer units. Make sure to read the directions as well as scroll to the bottom of the page for the videos:

If you want to do a quick cleaning, and be able to switch out the electrostatic screen and ozone plate quickly, allowing you to clean the dirty parts later, you can get our cleaning combo here:

The Triad Aer SETUP

This video will walk you through the proper setup to ensure your machine is performing at its best!

The Triad Aer CLEANING

This video walks you through the proper cleaning procedure that will keep your machine running for a long time!