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Watch How Easily Triad Aer Sanitizes This Family’s Home!

Triad Aer Air Purifiers are a hit at medical shows, because doctors and medical professionals know the difference. They know that air FILTERS (HEPA) cannot hold up against true air purification techology.


Independent Laboratory Test on Shield Aer shows that it kills over 99% of enveloped RNA viruses such as N1H1!

Click HERE to download the proof that our Shield Aer can protect you for up to 4 ft with an ionized bubble of protection!

Triad Aer V3

The FILTERLESS Triad Aer V3 Air Purifier Solution goes well beyond HEPA filter capabilities.



Expensive HEPA Filters, found in most ‘air purifiers’, cannot remove smaller particles, smoke or gases. Triad Aer can!


How Triad Aer Technology Compares To Other Air Purification Units/Technologies

Triad Aer is designed for any type of indoor space whether it’s your home, clinic or office. The Triad Aer Air Purifier uses the most advanced air-purification technologies available on the market which have been recently presented on the media. Whether it’s our Photocatalytic Oxidation Cell, or our Electrostatic Purification Plate, which offers controllable / scalable air purification as well as other technologies we use, the science is proven: it flat out works to create a clean, fresh atmosphere and breathable air in any indoor space it is set into – up to 3,000 square feet and 3 stories!

In fact, the high level negative ionization and electrostatic filtration used to remove organic contaminants from your breathing space can be quite dramatic! One of our customers recently asked us if there is any way to regulate or stop the dust falling from his air space, because they had to start wiping down furniture and surfaces!

We literally had to tell him “That’s what Triad Aer does! If it was not removing those particles from the air, you would be BREATHING them into your lungs!” He got it, and is thankful for the clean air in his home now for his family’s sake. The PCO Cell in the unit, has been proven to effectively reduce harmful pathogen count by more than 99%, within a period of less than 24 hours.

The Science Behind the Triad Aer Air Purifier

The Triad Aer technology is best known for its ability to radically purify your indoor air by removing a high percentage of harmful gases i.e. volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as well as contaminates down to 0.001 microns (Virus size!).

VOCs (gaseous compounds) are usually discharged from products such as cleaning supplies, disinfectants, aerosol sprays, dry-cleaned clothing, building materials (from new construction), paints or paint thinners (from restoration or interior updates), pesticides, or air fresheners. And that is just the SHORT list!

A result of the advanced technology used in our air purifier is the high-level of negative ionization which is deployed to create effective balance of clean, fresh air and ozonized air. The Triad Aer’s ionic antenna creates a negative ion charge causing .001 micron nanoparticles to be drawn to each other, which increases their aggregate weight causing them to fall harmlessly to the ground, OUT of your breathing space. These particles are then simply dusted away or vacuum-cleaned. You can’t find that in ordinary HEPA Filter purifiers.

Triad Aer

This Pulse Ionization that can diminish the dangerous ultra-fine, nano particles by causing them to fall from the air.

Combines advanced photo catalytic oxidation with scalable purification to actually create new, fresh air.

Electrostatic filtration makes use of static electricity to attract particles to each other, removing them from the air as they fall from their compounded weight.

Plasma like technology: created by the PCO Cell and deployed into the indoor environment, destroys and deactivating viruses and bacteria both on surfaces and in air through Lysis.

Triad Aer is a PROACTIVE technology – it actually creates new, clean, fresh air in your indoor air environment.

HEPA Filter technology is non-proactive – the bad actors (dust, danders, lice fesces, VOCs and mold spores, to name a few), must first be drawn into the HEPA Filter itself before they are destroyed and removed from your indoor environment.

Other Purifiers

These units use HEPA Filters that can only filter out particles at 0.3 microns or larger. Viruses are 0.125 !!! How is a HEPA Filter going to help you there?

As well, non-proactive can do NOTHING for your surfaces (countertops, furniture, walls, floors and ceilings).

Basic HVAC systems which do not remove ultra-small particles that can damage human health by not truly cleansing the air you breath – they simply recycle those particles until they finally land in your lungs!

These systems try to “stack” HEPA Filters and use the multiple filters for ‘more, better’ filtration – usually ineffective against viruses and gasses, and have to be regularly replaced (EXPENSIVE!).

The biggest drawback to these system is that the SUCTION and push-thru factor on them (also called MERV factor) must be strong enough to pull in the contaminants from across the room.

We are of the firm belief that those mold spores and colonies living in a damp spot on your wall (as an example) are NOT going to decide to create suicide and seek out the nearest HEPA Filter on their own.

If trying to kill that mold were your goal, an honest review of the situation would easily dictate that you would need a unit whose suction is strong enough to actually pull in your small child or pet!

To repeat a previous statement in a simpler fashion, a non-active (as opposed to proactive) technology is, and must be, one that works like a vacuum cleaner. It MUST be able to suck in all of the contaminants found in your indoor air and on the surfaces, to be considered effective.

HEPA Filters simply do not pass the test based on those criteria.

To see how well our technology cleaned up a dental operatory – one of the “dirtiest” places on the planet, when it comes to bacteria – watch our ATP Test, done by a professional in a real-life dental clinic. CLICK HERE to view

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